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Our Story

Spoonfed Kitchen owners Kim & Matt Lennert are both 25+ year veterans of the food industry.  In 1999, the couple founded Moveable Feast, a popular café and catering company located in Geneva, IL, which they sold in 2011.

Moveable Feast remains in business today, owned and operated by former employees of the Lennert’s.

With family connections in town and a shared lifelong desire to live near the ocean, Matt & Kim decided to relocate to Wilmington to launch their next food venture, Spoonfed Kitchen & Bake Shop.

Driven to Wilmington for the great lifestyle they'd experienced on visits to town, it was only natural that Matt & Kim start visioning foods that would nourish them for active days on the beach and in the water.  And so, the Spoonfed mission was clear: to create wholesome, delightful food to #feedyourlifestyle.


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